Saving and Renaming a Project (Save As)

Vegas Pro b saveas Renaming a Project

File Menu

From the File menu, choose Save As to save the current project to a different location or with a new name.

  1. From the File menu, choose Save As.

  2. Select the drive and folder where you want to store the project.

  3. Type a name in the File Name box.

  4. From the Save as Type drop-down list, choose the format in which you want to save the project.


    Format Name




    This option saves the references to media files used in the project. Also saved is project information, track effects, envelopes, bus assignments, and output properties. The .veg file does not combine events into a single file.


    EDL text file

    This option creates a text version of event placements in the track view. This text description can then be imported into a database or text application for modification or other purposes.


    Edit Protocol Compliant AAF File

    These options create AAF (Advanced Authoring Format) files that you can use to exchange projects between applications. For example, if your postproduction facility uses a tool other than software, you could provide your project as an AAF file.

    For more information, please see Importing and Exporting AAF Files.


    Avid Legacy AAF File

  5. Select the Copy media with project check box if you want to create copies of each of the project’s media files in the same location as the project file. This allows you to collect all of a project’s assets in a single location.

  6. Click the Save button.

  7. If you selected the Copy media with project check box, a dialog is displayed to allow you to specify how you want to copy media files:

  • Select the Copy source media radio button to copy the entire source media files to your project folder.

    Any project media files from folders outside the project folder are copied to the project folder. Media files that are saved in folders below the project folder are not copied.

  • Select the Create trimmed copies of source media radio button and enter a value in the Extra head and tail box to reduce the number and size of media files necessary to represent your project.

    Your project will be scanned to determine how much of each media file is being used and those regions will be rendered to new media files. The amount of time specified in the Extra head and tail setting will be added before and after the media file to allow subsequent edits. All events are then updated to point to the new files. Finally, inactive takes are removed from the project, and the project is saved.

Vegas Pro note Renaming a ProjectThe newly rendered files will match the source files’ properties as closely as possible:

  • Audio/video events are saved in a new AVI file. You can trim DV AVI, uncompressed AVI, and Sony YUV AVI files. Because of the lossy nature of other video formats, those video files will not be trimmed, but will simply be copied to the project folder.

  • Audio-only events wil
    l be rendered to the Wave format if under 2 GB (or Wave64 if over 2 GB), and DV files will be rendered as DV AVI files.

Renaming a Project