Inserting CD Track Regions


Insert Menu

From the Insert menu, choose Audio CD Track Region to add a region using the current selection at the cursor position. CD track regions are used for creating an audio CD track list for burning Red Book audio CDs.

If your first track region begins before 00:00:02:00, a timeline offset is automatically added so the first track begins at exactly two seconds.

Vegas Pro note Inserting CD Track RegionsCD track numbering is based on the First track number on disc setting on the Audio CD tab in the Project Properties dialog.

Vegas Pro cdtrackmarkers Inserting CD Track Regions

Vegas Pro tip Inserting CD Track RegionsTips:

  • From the Options menu, choose Quantize to Frames to turn off frame quantization before creating a CD layout.

  • Double-click a region tag to select the duration of the track.

  • Press Ctrl+. to seek to the next track.

  • Press Ctrl+, to seek to the previous track.


Inserting CD Track Regions