Inserting Audio Tracks

Vegas Pro b newtrack Inserting an Audio Track


 Insert Menu

From the Insert menu, choose Audio Track to add a new, blank track at the end of the track list.

If you want to add a track in a specific location, right-click a track header and choose Insert Audio Track from the shortcut menu. The new track will be inserted above the selected track.

Vegas Pro note Inserting an Audio TrackWhen you drag a media file from the Explorer window or Project Media window to an area of the timeline that does not contain a track, a new track will be created and a new event containing the media file is added to the new track.

Vegas Pro tip Inserting an Audio Track You can change the default track volume, pan type, height, track effects, and record input monitor status by right-clicking a track and choosing Set Default Track Properties from the shortcut menu.

Inserting an Audio Track