Insert Time

Insert Menu

From the Insert menu, choose Time to insert a specified amount of blank space into the project at the cursor position.

This feature can be used to create space in the project for new events and uses the time format of the Time Ruler.

Vegas Pro tip Inserting TimeIf you want to delete time from all tracks in your project, create a time selection that encompasses the time you want to delete. Select the Auto Ripple button Vegas Pro b autoripple Inserting Time (or press Ctrl+L). Next, click the down arrow Vegas Pro b downarrow2 Inserting Time next to the Auto Ripple button Vegas Pro b autoripple Inserting Time and choose All Tracks, Markers, and Regions. When you delete the time selection, the selected portion of the timeline is removed, and events to the right of the deleted section shift left to fill the space.

  1. Select the tracks where you want to insert time.

    If no events are selected, time is inserted across all tracks. If you have events selected, time will be inserted at the cursor position in the selected events.

  2. Position the cursor where you want to begin.

  3. From the Insert menu, choose Time. The Insert Time dialog box appears.

  4. Specify the amount of time you want to insert and click OK.


Inserting Time