You can easily create crossfades between audio or video events by simply dragging an event.

  1. From the Options menu, choose Automatic Crossfades to turn on automatic crossfades.

  2. Drag an event so that it overlaps another event on the same track.

    A crossfade is automatically added to transition smoothly between the two events.

You can change a crossfade to use one of many combinations of fast, slow, linear, smooth, and sharp fade curves.

  1. Right-click the overlapping area to display a shortcut menu.

  2. Choose Fade Type from the shortcut menu and choose a fade curve from the submenu.

  1. Right-click a crossfade between two video events and choose Transition from the shortcut menu.

  2. Choose a transition type from the submenu to convert a crossfade to a transition, or choose Insert Other to choose another transition type from the Plug-In Chooser.

    For more information about using transitions, click here.

Vegas Pro tip Automatic CrossfadesDrag a transition from the Transitions window to a video crossfade to quickly convert a crossfade to another transition type.

Automatic Crossfades

Vegas Pro b crossfade Automatic Crossfades


Options Menu

From the Options menu, choose Automatic Crossfades if you want to automatically create crossfades when you overlap two events.

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Vegas Pro arrowdn Automatic Crossfades Create a crossfade

Vegas Pro arrowdn Automatic Crossfades Change the fade type

Vegas Pro arrowdn Automatic Crossfades Convert a video crossfade to a transition

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Automatic Crossfades