Importing XDCAM Discs

Vegas Pro b importxdcam Importing XDCAM Discs

You can use the XDCAM Explorer window to import full- or proxy-resolution clips from XDCAM discs to your computer for editing.

Vegas Pro tip Importing XDCAM DiscsTips:

  • If you delete XDCAM clips from your computer, those clips will appear offline in your projects. You can reimport the clips by right-clicking the clips in the Project Media window and choosing Recapture from the shortcut menu.

  • The XDCAM deck is not available for external monitor or print to tape via iLink® while in file-access mode. Click the Safely Remove Hardware icon Vegas Pro b safelyremove Importing XDCAM Discs in the Windows system tray and choose your XDCAM device from the menu to disconnect the device. You can then switch to AV/C mode and reconnect to enable external monitor and print to tape functionality.

  • Use the Device Explorer windows to import clips from an XDCAM EX camera.

  1. From the View menu, choose XDCAM Explorer to display the XDCAM Explorer window if it isn’t already visible.

  2. Click the Import XDCAM Disc Vegas Pro b importxdcam Importing XDCAM Discs button in the XDCAM Explorer window. The Import XDCAM Disc dialog is displayed.

  3. The XDCAM Device box displays the current XDCAM camera or deck.  

    If you need to choose a different XDCAM device or transfer method, click the Device button. See Setting up an XDCAM Device for more information.

Vegas Pro note Importing XDCAM DiscsFor information about using your camera or deck, please refer to its documentation.

  1. In the Clip Resolutions box, select check boxes to indicate which clips you want to import:

  2. Clear both check boxes if you want to import clip information (metadata) only without importing clips.

    You can import clips later by right-clicking a clip in the XDCAM Explorer and choosing Import Full Resolution Files or Import Proxy Files from the shortcut menu.

  3. Select the All full resolution files check box to import full-resolution clips.

  4. Select the All proxy resolution files check box to import low-resolution clips for quick timeline editing and preview.

    If you’re working on a system with limited disk space or processing power, you can edit the smaller proxy files on the timeline and replace the proxies with full-resolution files before rendering.

  1. The Capture Folder box displays the path to the folder where clips will be imported. Click the Browse button to choose a folder.

Vegas Pro tip Importing XDCAM DiscsYou can also copy XDCAM discs to the capture folder manually. Simply copy the files and folders to the specified capture folder (preserving the XDCAM disc folder folder/file structure). The next time you start , the disc will be available in the XDCAM Explorer window.

  1. Type a name in the Optional Disc Name box if you want to assign a friendly name to the disc.

    For example, if you’ve written “Joe’s Tire Spot” on your XDCAM disc, you can type that name so you don’t have to try to identify the disc in the XDCAM Explorer window using its 32-digit identifier.

  2. Click the OK button to start importing clips. The disc label is added to the left pane in the XDCAM Explorer window, and the clips are displayed in the right pane.

    You’re ready to start editing your XDCAM clips on the timeline.

Vegas Pro note Importing XDCAM DiscsNotes:

  • Select the Import MXF as multichannel check box on the General tab of the Preferences dialog if you want to import MXF files from XDCAM cameras and decks with mult
    ichannel audio. When the check box is cleared, audio from MXF files will be imported as stereo, but you can access the other channels by right-clicking the event and choosing
    Channels from the shortcut menu.

  • The Imported disc is not associated with the current project. Imported discs are available in the XDCAM Explorer window until you delete them from your computer.

  • Imported clips are not added to the Project Media window. Drag a clip to the timeline to add it to your project or right-click a clip and choose Add to Project Media List from the shortcut menu.

Importing XDCAM Discs