Applying Effects


You can use effects to manipulate the audio and video components of your project.

The included audio plug-ins can improve the quality of the audio in your project or create unique sounds. supports additional DirectX and VST effects from a variety of vendors. Audio effects can be applied to all events on a track, to busses, or as assignable effects.

The included video plug-ins are comprised of effects, transitions, and text/background generators. Effects can be used to improve video quality or manipulate an image, transitions can change the way video events flow into one another, and generators can create text and colored backgrounds.

Vegas Pro tip OverviewTips:

  • To add effects quickly, you can drag plug-ins and plug-in packages from the Plug-In Manager window to events, tracks, busses, and the Audio Plug-In, Video FX, or Video Preview windows.

  • Use the VST Effects tab in the Preferences dialog to indicate where the application should search for VST plug-ins and to select which plug-ins you want to use.

Audio effects

Vegas Pro button OverviewAdding effects to an audio track

Vegas Pro button OverviewAdding effects to a bus

Vegas Pro button OverviewApplying non-real-time event effects

Vegas Pro button OverviewUsing an assignable effects chain

Vegas Pro button OverviewAutomating audio effect parameters with envelopes

Vegas Pro button OverviewCreating or applying an effects package

Video effects

Vegas Pro button OverviewAdding video effects to a video event, track, or media file

Vegas Pro button OverviewAdding a transition between video events

Vegas Pro button OverviewAdding generated media to your project

Vegas Pro button OverviewLearning about compositing and masks

Vegas Pro button OverviewUsing keyframes to animate your effects

Vegas Pro button OverviewPanning or cropping video events

Vegas Pro button OverviewUsing video track motion

Vegas Pro button OverviewCreating text and titles

Audio and video effects

Vegas Pro button OverviewRecording automation settings for track envelopes and keyframes