Removing an Assignable Effects Chain

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When you remove an assignable effects chain, it is deleted from the project. You must recreate the chain if you want to use it again. If you want to keep the chain, but do not want to use it in your current project, you may save the chain as a preset.

Vegas Pro tip Removing an Assignable Effects ChainTo bypass an assignable effects chain without removing it from the project, select the Mute button Vegas Pro b mute Removing an Assignable Effects Chain in the Assignable FX Control.

  1. In the Mixer window, select the assignable effects chain you want to remove (to select multiple chains, hold down the Ctrl key while selecting).

  2. Right-click a selected chain and choose Delete from the shortcut menu (or press Delete). The effects chains are removed from your project.

Removing an Assignable Effects Chain