Applying Non-Real-Time Event Effects

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Most processing in is nondestructive: editing events and adding effects does not modify your source media.

You can use non-real-time event effects to add effects to an event and render a new media file that includes the processed audio. Non-real-time effects are useful for large projects or for processor-intensive plug-ins.

Vegas Pro tip Applying Non Real Time Event EffectsTo add effects quickly, you can drag plug-ins and plug-in packages from the Plug-In Manager window to an event in the timeline.

  1. Select the event that contains the take you would like to process.

  2. From the Tools menu, choose Audio, then Apply Non-Real-Time Event FX. The Plug-Ins Chooser dialog appears.

  3. Select each plug-in you want to add and click the Add button.

Vegas Pro tip Applying Non Real Time Event EffectsTo reorder the plug-ins within the chain, drag a plug-in button to a new location, or click the Move Plug-In Left Vegas Pro b shiftleft Applying Non Real Time Event Effects or Move Plug-In Right Vegas Pro b shiftright Applying Non Real Time Event Effects buttons.

  1. Click the OK button. The Take dialog box is displayed with the settings for the first plug-in of the chain.

  2. Adjust the settings for each effect. Click the help button within the FX window for information about each plug-in’s settings. You can preview the processed audio by clicking the Preview button Vegas Pro b play Applying Non Real Time Event Effects.

  3. When you have finished adjusting the effect settings, click the OK button. The Apply Non Real-Time FX dialog appears.

  4. Enter a file name and format for the new media file.

  5. Click the Save button. After processing, a new file is added to the Project Media window and a new take is added to the event.



Applying Non Real-Time Event Effects