1. Select a media file in the Explorer, Project Media, or Media Manager window.

  2. Click the Start Preview button Vegas Pro b play Previewing Media Files to preview the file.

  3. Click the Stop button Vegas Pro b stop Previewing Media Files, select a different file, or place the file in the project to stop previewing the file.

Vegas Pro tip Previewing Media Files To automatically preview selections when you click a media file in the Explorer or Project Media window, select the Auto Preview button Vegas Pro b autopreview Previewing Media Files. To turn off Auto Preview, click the Auto Preview button again.

The Preview control in the Mixer allows you to view and adjust the playback volume level. If the control is not visible, choose Mixer Preview Fader from the View menu.

Vegas Pro previewcontrol Previewing Media Files




Drag the fader to adjust the playback volume while previewing the audio file.


Displays the playback level.

Right-click and choose a command from the shortcut menu to adjust the range of the meter, reset clip indicators, or hold peaks/valleys.

Previewing Media Files


You can preview media files from the Explorer window, Project Media window, or Media Manager window before placing them in your project. When you preview a file, the signal is sent to the Preview bus in the Mixer window.

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Vegas Pro arrowdn Previewing Media Files Preview a media file

Vegas Pro arrowdn Previewing Media Files Adjust audio preview volume

Vegas Pro btnshowall Previewing Media Files

Previewing Media Files