Preview in Player


Tools Menu

From the Tools menu, choose Preview in Player command to create a temporary preview of your project for playback in a media player.

This feature is useful for testing different compression options when creating streaming media for Internet delivery.

  1. From the Tools menu, choose Preview in Player. The Preview in Player dialog box appears.

  2. From the Preview as drop-down list, choose the type of preview file to create.

  3. Choose a template from the Template drop-down list to specify the parameters that should be used for rendering your file, or click the Custom button to create a new template.

Vegas Pro note Preview in PlayerNotes:

  1. Select the Stretch video to fill output frame size (do not letterbox) check box when you are rendering to an output format with a slightly different aspect ratio than your project settings. This will prevent black bars from appearing on the top and bottom or the sides of the output.

  2. Select the Use project output rotation setting check box if you’re rendering a rotated project and want to use the Output rotation setting from the Project Properties dialog for your rendered file.

    When the check box is cleared, the media is rotated according to its Media Properties setting, but the project itself is unrotated—you can use this setting to proof your project on an unrotated display.

  1. Click the OK button. The rendering process begins and a progress box appears.

    When rendering is complete, the player associated with the file type opens and begins playing your file.


Preview in Player