Monitoring Video with Scopes


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From the View menu, choose Video Scopes to toggle the display of the Video Scopes window.

Broadcast video uses a narrower range of color than the RGB you see on your computer. When you broadcast a project that contains out-of-gamut (out-of-range) colors, you can introduce image problems or even noise into the audio stream.

Use the scopes to analyze your video and adjust accordingly with the Brightness and Contrast, Broadcast Colors, Color Corrector, Color Corrector (Secondary), and Levels plug-ins before rendering.

Choose a setting from the drop-down list to choose which scope you want to display.

Vegas Pro tip Video ScopesYou can use split-screen previews to help match colors between clips. When the split-screen preview mode is set to Clipboard, the Video Preview and Video Scopes windows will display the frame you copied to the clipboard and the current frame.

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