Transport Controls


The transport bar contains the playback, recording, and cursor-positioning buttons frequently used while working on a project.

During project playback, audio tracks will be mixed to the Master bus unless you are using a custom bus assignment. Video tracks will be mixed to the Video Preview window.




Vegas Pro b record Transport Bar


This button starts recording on all armed tracks. If no tracks are armed, a new track will be created automatically. For more information about recording, click here.

Vegas Pro b loopplay Transport Bar

Loop Playback

Plays only the events in the loop region in a continuous mode. For more information on Loop Playback, click here.

Vegas Pro b playall Transport Bar

Play from Start

Starts playback from the beginning of the project regardless of the current cursor position. When you stop playback, the cursor returns to its original position.

Vegas Pro b play Transport Bar


Starts playback from the cursor position.

Vegas Pro tip Transport BarSelect the Make spacebar and F12 Play/Pause instead of Play/Stop check box in the General Preferences tab if you want the F12 and spacebar keyboard shortcuts to toggle between Play and Pause mode. In this mode, the cursor will maintain its position.

Vegas Pro b pause Transport Bar


Pauses playback and leaves the cursor at its current position.

Vegas Pro b stop Transport Bar


Stops playback or recording and returns the cursor to its starting position.

Vegas Pro b gotobeginning Transport Bar

Go to Start

Moves the cursor to the beginning of the project.

Vegas Pro b gotoend Transport Bar

Go to End

Moves the cursor to the end of the project.

Transport Bar