Main Window


The window is where you edit your project, and the screen is divided into several areas.

Vegas Pro tip OverviewTips:

  • If you prefer to work with the timeline at the bottom of the window and the docking area at the top of the window, select the Display timeline at bottom of main window check box on the Display tab of the Preferences dialog.

  • The track list, timeline, and window docking area sections can be sized to your preferences by dragging the dividers between them or by using F11:

F11 minimizes and restores the window docking area.

Shift+F11 minimizes and restores the track list.

Ctrl+F11 maximizes and restores the timeline vertically and horizontally (window docking area and track list will be hidden).

Which area of the window do you want to learn more about?

Vegas Pro button OverviewToolbar

Vegas Pro button OverviewTime display

Vegas Pro button OverviewTrack list

Vegas Pro button OverviewScrub control

Vegas Pro button OverviewTimeline

Vegas Pro button OverviewMarker bar

Vegas Pro button OverviewTransport bar

Vegas Pro button OverviewWindow docking area and floating
window docks