Using Screen Captures in Video Projects

If you use screen captures in your video projects, you may notice flickering when you move the events using event panning and cropping.

This flickering occurs because computer displays — unlike video or images from a camera — typically have abrupt color changes between pixels, and those sharp edges flicker when motion is applied.

By applying a slight blur to events that were created from screen captures, you can reduce the appearance of flickering.

  1. Apply the Gaussian Blur plug-in to the event:

  1. Click the Event FX button Vegas Pro b busfx Using Screen Captures in Video Projects on the upper event to display the Plug-In Chooser.

  2. Select the Sony Gaussian Blur plug-in.

  3. Click the Add button to add the plug-in.

  4. Click the OK button to close the Plug-In Chooser. The Video Event FX dialog is displayed.

  1. Adjust your blur settings:

  1. Type 0.001 in the Horizontal range box.

  2. Type 0.001 in the Vertical range box.

  3. Verify that the Red, Green, and Blue check boxes are selected.

  4. Close the Video Event FX dialog.

  1.  Apply your event panning and cropping as needed.


Using Screen Captures in Video Projects