Removing Red Eye from Still Images

We’ve all been there—you have the perfect picture for your movie, but the subject’s eyes are glowing a bright red. That might be okay for a sci-fi epic, but not for your movie. No worries. With , you can remove red eyes and make your subjects look human again.

  1. Right-click a still image on the timeline (or in the Project Media window) and choose Red Eye Reduction from the shortcut menu.

  2. Click the center of the red eye and drag to create a selection around the red portion of the eye.

    Click the Vegas Pro b zoomintime Removing Red Eye from Still Images or Vegas Pro b zoomouttime Removing Red Eye from Still Images buttons to change the magnification of the image, or roll the mouse wheel forward or backward to zoom around the cursor position.

    For keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate in the Red Eye Reduction dialog, click here.

  3. Drag to position the selection box over the portion of the eye you want to correct.

    Drag the borders of the selection box to adjust its size. automatically adjusts the portion of the image in the selection box to remove red eye.

    Vegas Pro idea Removing Red Eye from Still ImagesRight-click a selection box and choose Delete from the shortcut menu to remove it.

  4. Readjust the selection box as needed, and repeat this procedure for each red eye in the image.

Vegas Pro note Removing Red Eye from Still ImagesIf an image is used multiple times in your project, removing the red eyes once will affect all instances of the image.


Removing Red Eye from Still Images