Merging Projects

Although you can now nest projects within other projects, there may be times that you want to merge two existing projects into a single project file.

  1. Open two instances of and open the projects you want to merge.

  2. Switch to the project you want to merge and press Ctrl+A to select all events.

  3. Click the Copy button Vegas Pro b copy Merging Projects.

  4. Switch to the other instance of and position the cursor at the point where you want to merge the project you copied in step 3.

  5. Click the Paste button Vegas Pro b paste Merging Projects.

  6. Click the Save button Vegas Pro b save Merging Projects to save your merged project, or click Save As Vegas Pro b saveas Merging Projects if you want to save the merged project with a new name.

Vegas Pro tip Merging ProjectsYou can also drag media bins from the Project Media window across two instances of : drag a bin from one Project Media window and drop it on a bin in the other instance.



Merging Projects