Four-Point Editing


Four-point editing allows you to create events on the timeline using the Trimmer window: when you load a video in the Trimmer, you choose two points: the beginning and end of the portion of the video that you want to use. You then choose where you want to add the selection by choosing a range of time in the timeline. The beginning and end of the timeline selection are your third and fourth points.

Vegas Pro tip Four Point EditingSee also: three-point editing.

  1. First, let’s set up the Trimmer and Video Preview window so we can monitor the Trimmer and timeline selection:

  1. Drag the Trimmer and Video Preview window to separate panes in the Window Docking Area.

  2. Select the Show Video Monitor button Vegas Pro b showvideomonitor Four Point Editing in the Trimmer window.

  3. Right-click the Video Preview window and choose Scale to Fit Video Preview Window. As you adjust the size of the Window Docking Area, the preview frame sizes remain locked.

    Vegas Pro trimmerpreviewlock Four Point Editing

  1. Open a media file in the Trimmer.

  2. Select the portion of the file that you want to use.

  3. Select the portion of the timeline where you want to use the Trimmer selection.

  4. Click the Fit to Fill button Vegas Pro b fittofill Four Point Editing. The Trimmer selection is time-compressed or stretched to fill the timeline selection.

Vegas Pro tip Four Point EditingThe standard behavior of the Trimmer is to perform punch-in edits on the timeline: when you add media to the timeline, the events created by the Trimmer are laid over existing events on the timeline. You can delete or move the events you create with the Trimmer without changing the underlying events.

If you want to replace the contents of the timeline when creating events from the Trimmer, select the Enable Timeline Overwrite button Vegas Pro b enabletimelineoverwrite Four Point Editing. When Enable Timeline Overwrite is selected, ripple editing is not available.

Four-Point Editing