Converting Video to 24p


If you want to create a 24 fps, progressive-scan project using existing interlaced video, you’re in luck: makes easy work of converting your existing footage.

Vegas Pro tip Converting Video to 24pIf you are shooting interlaced video that you plan to convert to 24p, your camera’s shutter speed will determine the quality of frame rate conversion in :

  • If you’re shooting NTSC or HDV 60i video, set your shutter speed to 1/60 second.

  • If you’re shooting PAL or HDV 50i video, set your shutter speed to 1/50 second.

These settings will provide the smoothest-looking motion possible after conversion. Faster frame rates can produce visibly choppy motion.

  1. Start a new project.

  2. Set your project properties:

  1. From the File menu, choose Properties. The Project Properties dialog is displayed.

  2. From the Template drop-down list, choose NTSC DV 24p

  3. Click OK to close the Project Properties dialog and apply your changes.

  4. Add the video to the timeline.

  5. From the File menu, choose Render As and render the file using the NTSC DV 24p (inserting 2-3-3-2 pulldown) AVI template. This template allows for more efficient pulldown removal.


Converting Video to 24p